About Us

LasLabs Creates Secure, Scalable, Efficient, Maintainable, Tested, Documented Solutions

Software and Web Development

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails

Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Reviews
  • Usability Evaluations
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Social Media

Information Security Audits

  • Network
  • Application
  • Logical
  • Encryption

Server Design, Maintenance, and Hosting

  • RHEL, CentOS
  • Debian, Ubuntu
  • Vyatta
  • Windows

Engineering Support and Training

  • Code Reviews
  • Design Reviews
  • Remote Pairing
  • Process Creation


Our Team

Dave Lasley

Founder / CEO

Dave has been in the technology industry for over twenty years: He started coding when he was eight and created an e-commerce store when he was twelve.

Dave leads the design of LasLabs applications and infrastructure. He is also a heavy contributor in many Open Source communities and is a member of the 2017 Odoo Community Association board.

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Primary Resources

LasLabs leverages a variety of technical resources to provide a complete solution at a fair price.


With Amazon powering our server assets, we can scale to infinite proportions and provide guaranteed SLAs.


Containerized infrastructure allows for completely automated builds and load balancing.

Open Source

We leverage open source projects whenever possible to reduce cost and maintenance overhead.

Continuous Integration

Automated testing and roll outs are built into our processes, increasing long-term security and reliability.

Version Control

Heavy reliance on version control provides change tracking with implicit auditability.


Our strong ties to multiple technical communities provide us knowledge of the masses.